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Stainless steel pipe industry needs to take the high road

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        China is the world's largest consumer of stainless steel, is also the largest importer of stainless steel. In recent years, with the development of economy, the demand of Chinese stainless steel tube has increased rapidly, the consumption has reached 400 thousand tons in 2010, 2007 is expected to reach 500 thousand tons of conventional consumption. Due to the transformation of China's water supply pipe will require a large number of stainless steel tube, is expected to supply water in 2010 about 300 thousand tons of stainless steel pipes, so in 2010 the total demand for stainless steel pipe will reach 800 thousand tons.

        China's stainless steel tube consumption and production has its own particularity. China stainless steel seamless pipe started earlier, so far, the production of stainless steel seamless pipe business about more than and 200, the overall production capacity of over 100 thousand tons, but the production of high standards of the enterprises is less than 10, the annual output of only 10 thousand tons. China stainless steel pipe started late, rapid development, so far, stainless steel pipe production line more than and 400, production capacity of about 400 thousand per year, including the introduction has more than and 100 production lines, production capacity in the year 8 to 100 thousand tons, but can produce high standards of industrial pipe production capacity is very small, yield less, most of the production unit civil pipe and the low standard of industrial pipes.

        The main field of stainless steel pipe is the city landscape engineering and building decoration engineering, in light industry, pharmaceutical, paper, sewage treatment, water supply engineering and other fields also have a considerable proportion, at present our country is promoting the gradual transformation of the water supply pipe, will be a substantial increase in demand. Chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical and other fields are generally used in the low pressure transmission pipeline, automobile muffler is also the use of stainless steel pipe. Seamless stainless steel tubes are mainly used in chemical, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, petrochemical, electric power, nuclear industry, aviation, aerospace and other fields. In the period of China's economic construction, the consumption of welded pipe in our country is very large. However, industry experts pointed out that China's stainless steel pipe production especially high-grade pipe production but there is a serious lag, high pressure boiler, oil, nuclear power station, medical, etc. in the field of high-grade stainless steel tube still rely heavily on imports. Faced with this structural contradiction, the stainless steel pipe production enterprises are still in a low level of expansion of the situation.

        Not long ago, the industrial use of stainless steel pipe manufacturing leader at home and abroad, Zhejiang long established Limited by Share Ltd to get the United States Alston boiler pressure vessel qualified supplier certificate. Since then, li long products can navigate with the mainstream market in the United States of boiler steel pipe. Clenched fist, stainless steel is the key to business standing for a long time the rapid development in recent years. Chairman Zhou Zhijiang, chairman of the board of directors of the company, defines it as a positive strategic transformation. Through the delivery, break, stop, and, and a series of measures, long established decisively to withdraw from the fire retardant cable, magnesium, silicon micro parts and other industries. One of the most eye-catching is the fire cable industry exit. Zhou Zhijiang know, actively implement the strategic transformation, as soon as possible to adjust the industrial structure, out of the low-end competition cycle, is the best way to long established high-end development. At present, many companies are actively promoting structural adjustment.

        Industry experts pointed out that although the China stainless steel pipe production structure adjustment and the expansion of production capacity also need to walk a difficult road, but the prospects for the development of China stainless steel tube is still optimistic, whether civil or industrial stainless steel pipe demand will increase. At the same time, the domestic stainless steel pipe production capacity has been steadily improved, the structure has become more and more rational, will breed, material, specifications and performance China stainless steel tube to improve, can basically meet the needs of various industries. Domestic production of stainless steel tubes will also be more scale, product variety is more complete, the product quality will reach the advanced level. 2010 seamless steel pipe production capacity and market demand in general balance, can produce high standards of seamless pipe, more and more enterprises, the actual annual production of high standard seamless pipe will reach 400 thousand tons or so. Low standard building decoration with welded pipe production capacity will be maintained at around 400 thousand tons per year, some companies will be able to produce a high standard of industrial use welded pipe. Seamless steel pipe and welded pipe production capacity will reach 800 thousand tons or so, basically in 2010 with the total consumption of stainless steel flat, the domestic production of stainless steel will basically meet the domestic market demand, supply and demand balance.

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