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Bureau of statistics data show that in 2016 new industrial growth trend appeared

Author:   Date:2016-09-21  From:  Hits:1088

        The day before, the National Bureau of statistics released industrial profits data show that 1~2 months of this year, China's total industrial profits grew 4.8%, the new profit of 35 billion 540 million yuan, the end of the previous seven industrial profits falling trend, China showed signs of economic stabilization has emerged, for industrial enterprises, investment recovery ability a very useful source of investment.

        In 2016, China's major industries overall smooth operation, industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading to show results, while interest rates, taxes, fees policy on enterprise cost efficiency has played a positive role. However, due to the improvement of industrial enterprises to improve profitability depends on demand, short-term steady growth policy needs are not sustained, thus judging the situation of China's industrial production is still too early to improve.

        In the new normal economic development, China's industrial enterprises by the expansion of the elements to the technology innovation driven transformation of the new growth model is being formed. Therefore, on the one hand, to further reduce the tax burden on enterprises, on the other hand to consider the policy of encouraging economic growth, and gradually shift from the policy level to the effective level. With a large roll out of infrastructure projects to promote economic growth and people's livelihood projects, as long as the industrial enterprises to seize the "three basic policies to trend down in a supplement, in the next period of time, the trend of consolidation profit rebound is likely.

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